HIW Biofield IllustrationsFor the next few months we are focusing on the Cornerstones of Healing. This includes the spiritual, astral, mental, emotional and physical layers. In this series we are calling ‘Healing from the Outside-In,’ we are reversing the order typically seen because we want to address the biofields, or auric layers (however you want to refer to them). What is often thought is the body houses the energy and that is all, but the energy does not stop at the physical body and expands beyond.

We will break the layers up through the series so you have an understanding and importance of them and energetic hygiene. It is not a new topic but hasn’t been discussed a lot. If you have had a tuning fork clearing, you will understand it is all about the layers. Our local practitioner Sherri Martinez does work in the fields of the body and can clear these energies trapped in these layers.

We are constantly assessing the energy around us all the time whether we are aware of it or not. The reason we are able to do this is because of the fields we will be discussing today and in the upcoming months. The more you dial into those, the more you become in tune with yourself and your own energy. You will also be able to hone your ability to read people and circumstances, which will give you a lot of insight as well as prevent you from stepping into situations that are not serving you.

In this series we will be discussing the 7 main layers that connect to your 7 main chakra centers in the body. Today, we will cover the first three layers, spiritual layers (see illustration as first three layers). These are your Throat Chakra (Etheric Template), your Third Eye (Celestial Body) and your Crown (Ketheric Body). If you notice the inverted cone, you will see that is how the crown energy from the top of the head penetrates through all of the layers. Imagine each of your chakras (represented on this illustrations the circles) as having two of the same inverted cone directed out instead of up. You are receiving energy from the higher chakras down and then grounding through the root chakra.
From your throat and up chakras – are considered ‘connected to heaven.’ From solar plexus down is earth energy and the heart energy is the bridge.

The throat is the blue center. It is our source of being able to speak the truth in an authentic way. It doesn’t have to be about talking. There is a difference between talking and expressing. Make sure you are expressing everything that is coming through. You want to be in a place that you are expressing your feelings and emotions. Practice this by:
• Singing and opening up your voice. A lot of us are really shut down as when we are younger not to express how you are feeling. There is a difference between speaking with someone and speaking at someone.
• Out-loud process. Just talk out loud to yourself. Discuss things you are worried about, have fear about etc, when you are alone.
• If you aren’t comfortable with either of the above, a baby step is wearing the color blue. It is a color that communicates with that chakra and can lead to opening up.
To open up the throat chakra is a big key to acknowledging who we are. Throat issues can manifest physically. If you can work on the imbalance that is occurring, can assist in how they manifest.

Your third eye is indigo and is connected to the pineal gland. There is a lot that you can do to connect to the spiritual sight. Supporting your pineal gland by clearing cleaning and detoxifying can ‘decalcify’ the pineal gland. It is also sometimes tied to the spiritual eyesight. Fluoride has been tied to calcification of the pineal gland. Lots of people want to see guides, loved ones, layers, etc. and clearing this layer will assist with that.
• Take Chaga mushrooms (not psychedelics) that work on the pineal gland and is used to decalcify. One company we use called Host Defense that offers a tincture. If you are one of those individuals out there that wants to see colors and your guides, start first in the physical part and then move into meditation. (We are not medical doctors, this is simply a suggestion, there is a lot of supportive research information out there, please make sure you do your due diligence prior to starting this regime)
• Use filters like the Berkey Filters because it removes fluorides and heavy metals.
Devote time and energy and there is no reason you cant’ begin to see energy and presence.

Next is your crown level. Sometimes colors shift, but for today we are discussing it as the color purple. It connects to God, the universe, your higher-self and any sentient beings. That is where you are connecting, downloading, etc. The pituitary gland and the thalamus is connected to this layer. If you are audient, there is a soft spot on the back of your neck is where you actually hear your guides. This is the ascension chakra. The crown and throat are connected here.
• Work on expanding your awareness beyond what you are literally seeing and constantly question things.
• Research spirituality and the vastness of it. There is a lot of information out there that can help you open-up this chakra.
These layers are the first layers that help us tap into the unseen world. Working on removing old programming and perceptions that result from these old programs can create a tremendous positive difference in your perception of the world around you.

Watch our video for the full details on these three layers as well as our card-draw. Set your intent for your spiritual focus and let’s see what the cards have to say!

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