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Jana Kadovitz, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. - Co-Founder

Jana brings more than 20 years of holistic experience to the Institute through various modalities of energy work including Reiki, Chinese and Esoteric Acupuncture, along with spiritual transformational coaching. To learn more about Jana, visit her pages.

Carolyn Jones - Co-Founder

Carolyn brings a lifetime of spiritual knowledge and 10 years of holistic training to the Institute including intuitive coaching, energetic coaching, Reiki, Quantum-Touch®, and energy medicine. For more on Carolyn, visit her pages.

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Holistic Wellness Revolution

Connie Bailey, Edmond, OK

I am so incredibly grateful for the tools, resources, and personal support offered by HWR. I am learning each and every day to manage the complicated energies that affect my relationships with others and myself. Truly life changing, HWR helps me navigate life with more grace and ease, in a way I never knew was possible! Carolyn and Jana have created a safe space for soul growth that allows its members to plug in at any level of the awareness journey. HWR is an integral and invaluable part of my everyday life.

Andrea Crawford, Knoxville, TN

Joining Holistic Wellness Revolution has been a blessing for me. It's my 'one stop shop' when working on balancing my life.

The content is relevant to my overall healing and the music is absolutely amazing. I typically start my day with one of the meditaions, and there are plenty to select from, depending on my mood. The mindfulness practices shared are a reminder of how we can successfully manage our day to day life to the fullest extent.

Thank you so much Carolyn, Jana, and Team for sharing your talents!

Cindy Tysinger, Founder of Regenrus, Denton, TX

Thank you Carolyn and Jana for launching Holistic Wellness Revolution, I absolutely LOVE it! Having access to all of the great spiritual growth content all in one place with meditations, limiting beliefs, chakra and power resets and a supportive member community is phenomenal. I highly recommend HWR and the leadership to help you grow and walk authentically on your spiritual journey.

Marisa Gutmacher

Holistic Wellness Revolution is a wonderful, warm and inspirational community of extraordinarily individuals. The immersive, self paced, guided learning modules enable members to progress through the program in a meaningful way to integrate these practices into your daily life.

Carolyn and Jana's multi sensory modules have helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself, my spiritual path and the source of energy that emanates from each of us. Being able to pause, even just for a few moments, to reconnect into that place of stillness has been transformative.

Deb Schmitz, Loudon, TN

Membership in HWR is amazing! Carolyn and Jana have done a beautiful job of capturing their practices have driven their successes. They are kindred spirits, sharing their knowledge and expertise to build a like-minded community of lightworkers. The videos/programs are well done and offer GREAT value.

Definitely worth it!

Kimberly Eisendrath, Pewaukee, WI

The Holistic Wellness Revolution has so many treasured meanings to me. It has been a major contributor for jump starting and restoring my health, mind body and spirit journey. Carolyn and Jana, the HWR founders, shine an incredible light and share incredible resources for us all together to be raindrops that become ripples and rise up as waves of change for good. Being a part of HWR, knowing these women, and being a part of this beautiful gifted community has my cup overflowing with joy and blessings.

Janet Edkins, Knoxville, TN

The support and community on offer in the Holistic Wellness Revolution is truly authentic. Carolyn and Jana have done an amazing job sharing the principles of daily practices that have helped me on my spiritual journey. They have captured their own expertise in a very accessible and easily digestible way. I can dip into the portal any time to use the tools to help me navigate these wacky energy shifts. From the meditations, sound healing, power resets, techniques and resources, I always find the thing I need to center and ground.