Holistic Institute Policies


A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required for ALL classes.
In the event of an emergency a deposit may be transferable to another class, if taken within 12 months.
If you elect to pay for your Full class fee upfront it will be considered as and treated the same way as a deposit with the same guidelines applied.


In the event of an emergency and you are unable to attend, class fees may be transferable to one course, one time only, within 12 months. Please let us know as soon as you are able – by phone (865) 712-9754 or by email.

If you must leave a class part way through and cannot return, all fees are nonrefundable; however, you may talk with an instructor about making up the class. This decision will be made at their discretion and does not guarantee that you will be offered a make up class.


Our classes and all buildings are nonsmoking. We ask that you refrain from smoking for the FULL duration of a class: This includes all breaks, meals and, if taking a retreat style class, overnight.

If you are a smoker we ask that you make alternate plans for the duration of a class. This is a zero-tolerance policy. If you come to class smelling like smoke, or we see you smoking during any part of a program, we will ask you to leave with a forfeit of all fees.

Cancellation by HIW

While we try to avoid it at all costs, however, we reserve the right to cancel classes and workshops. If this should be necessary, we will apply your registration fees toward another class/workshop. We are not liable for any additional costs you may have incurred.

We keep our classes small so that we can offer our students personal instruction. As a result of our limited seating, cancellations have a large impact and we ask for and appreciate your understanding.