Sound Immersion is Back!

Back by popular demand is the dynamic duo of Sherri and Jana! Their tuning forks and sound immersions await! Begin your Sonic Healing Experience with Sherri as she provides you with a Sonic Meridian Flush. This specialized sound massage treatment uses tuning forks and...

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May 2022 Tarot Reading – Page of Pentacles

As with all cards in the suit of Pentacles, the Page of Pentacles represents earthly desires related to money, career, investments, businesses, education, and physical health. Good news in earthly matters, solid beginnings, setting goals, developing a plan, laying the foundations, taking advantage of opportunities, jumping in, consistency, excellent prospects, excelling in or seeking education/training, ambitions, decide what you want and go for it, grounded person, loyal, faithful, dependable, healthy lifestyle, Tarot, divination, earth magic, nature.

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Stone of the Month May 2022 – Sugilite

This month’s topic poses an interesting question and a good one for me – do I need to shift? Do I need to re-evaluate or re-think? Do I really KNOW my purpose? If you too are looking for assistance in the whole “Your Purpose” thing, may I introduce you to: Sugilite – “Teaches us how to live from our truth. Reminds our soul of its reason for our current incarnation. Inspires spiritual awareness. Helps us to answer those major life questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What else do I need to understand?  One of the major “love stones” it emanates the beautiful “purple ray energy” too.

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Stone of the Month April 2022 – Kyanite

Kyanite is excellent for attunement and meditation as well as a powerful beacon and amplifier of high vibrations. Kyanite connects to spirit guides and raises compassion while cutting through ignorance, allowing for spiritual and psychological truth. It also aids intuition and the manifestation of spiritual energies.

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