The Hero’s Journey of Bryan Tilghman

With dark nights come deep blessings.  Acutely haunting emotional and physical experiences can have an effect on the human psyche where ‘soft nudges’ fail.  Gentle pushes often given to you by your higher self to let you know you need to be traveling a different path are often ignored, leaving them no choice but to shake you at your core so you may open your eyes to the opportunities that have been on standby. 

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April Learns Calm Among Chaos

Just before a tornado you might experience a calm, but as it nears, your eyes are opened to the unimaginable chaos gouging a path in the land it crosses, destroying everything that has the misfortune to be in the cross-hairs.  You can see pieces and parts of a home, cars, trees, maybe an occasional animal swirling around with their own stories to tell as they make their journey to a new use or decay depending on the extent of the destruction.

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Mental Spring Cleaning

Spring brings excitement of what’s to come. It’s a time when many of us begin to think of “spring cleaning.” Although we typically think of spring cleaning as clearing out the clutter in our home, it can also be a time when we clean out the energies of our bodies and minds.

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