Space Clearing and Blessing – Commercial and Residential

Courtesy Rita Thomas Photography | www.facebook.com/public/Rita-Fillinger
Spaces, like people, have energetic bodies, and they carry the force of their experiences with them. From the energy of the people who have inhabited or worked in them, to the evolution of the land they sit on, buildings remember it all.

I use a combination of traditional space-clearing methods that have proven effective over the years, including burning sage, using reiki and setting intentions.

Energy Cures
Some homes, businesses and landscapes have a deficit or an out-flowing of energy that causes the space to manifest as a heavy feeling, as a portal (open channel) or even as an unwanted presence. To cure this, I use a variety of methods. Sometimes this means placing crystals or other stones in specific areas to balance the chi. Other times, it means asking the owner to rid themselves of a “bad luck” piece of furniture or an accessory that carries negative energy. I also recommend placement of furniture, paintings, mirrors and other items to create the optimum environment for the people who live and work there.

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Clearings release all negative energy, as well as those that no longer serve. There are milestones in a building or land mass’s life when it is a natural time to clear them:

  • Before you move into a new home
  • Before you put your house on the market
  • If your house is on the market but isn’t selling
  • If you aren’t sleeping well or your house has “bad luck”
  • If you think you have a ghost
Once a space is cleared, the final step is to bless it. The process I use calls in the highest energy to fill the space, and its inhabitants, with its highest good. I leave it filled with divine light and love, so the space and all who use it, can move forward in freedom.