Tigers Eye Stone for Manifesting

Beads of Light

Healing stones, captured with seed beads and love. Cleansed and ready to enhance your soul, Reiki infused for your best and highest good.
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Elm Tree Wellness

Emily Maggard, Herbal Alchemist, creates organic and vegan bath and body products. Her vision is to provide affordable karma free products made with integrity & love to assist you on your journey.
Organic, Vegan, Karma free.


To embrace holistic living is to embrace wholeness. It is to re-imagine our lives as a system in the sense that every aspect of our life feeds right into the other. If one is off balance, the other will be. Our products put holistic thinking into action through an integrative health approach.
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Sally Gallot Reeves

Sally is the author of the Soul Garden Pathway, sending daily blessings out to the world. And now author of Behind the Open Door: The Book of Light ushering readers into the world of fantasy and magic.


New Earth Gardener

Amber Keirn – As a “nature child” I have always been drawn to sustainability, growing my own food and teaching others, natural remedies, the healing power of trees and crystals. When its time to start preparing your garden! What?… you don’t have a garden?.
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Joyful Business

Laura West, CPCC asks “Want to feel inspired and connected to your joy in your business?” Join my Joyful Business Community Facebook group for inspiration, ideas, video shows, and tips for creating success with passion, creativity and joy!

Fabienne Fooij-Tilghman

It is Fabienne’s heart’s desire to help others remember that the angels are here for us and teach them how to work in unison with the Angelic Realms. this is the Divine Mission for the Angelic Kingdom.