HIW Biofield IllustrationsWelcome to the latest installment (part 4) of our 5-part series, ‘Healing from the Outside In.’ Today we are discussing the emotional layer. The emotional layer (or body) is the second layer of your aura and extends 1-3 inches from the body. It is connected to the Sacral chakra, right below your belly button. More fluid than the other layers, this one rides the waves of the full spectrum of your emotions.

What is the Sacral Chakra?

Known as the creativity chakra, this is the second chakra and is the home of pleasure and overall enjoyment of life. Associated with the water element, which complements the emotional layer. When balanced, experience the power of creativity, improved relationships (personal and professional) and the ability to set healthy boundaries while thoughtfully expressing yourself.

Negative Effects

This layer is begins developing between the ages of 2-5 so it begins holding unresolved issues early on. In addition to this, the emotional layer is where many hold their self-value. If you are highly empathic or sensitive, you may also be storing even more there that can present itself in adverse ways if not dealt with. This can include medical and emotional issues and even battles with sexuality.

Clearing the Emotional Layer

Because medical issues can tie into this emotional layer, it is extremely important that it is maintained and cleared as often as possible. But don’t worry, there are many things you can do to help keep your emotional layer at it’s brightest peak!

  • Expression is integral to clearing this layer. A lot of times, the throat chakra is tied to the sacral chakra – it is about giving in to feelings and having confidence to share what you are truly feeling without fear. It takes a lot of courage to speak our truth and express ourselves.
  • Get out in nature. Stepping out of the riot of the city and away from your devices, connecting to the earth helps you gain clarity. The frequency is different outside of the city and this higher vibration affects us on a cellular level.
  • Be diligent with yourselves and your practices including meditation, walking and journaling.
  • Out Loud Processing (OLP -coined by Carolyn), is a technique you can use – talking out loud to process emotions, whether it’s in your car or on a walk.
  • Stay super-hydrated. Your cells are constantly turning over and when we go through these huge energy shifts, your body gets dehydrated.

You will find that when this chakra/layer is unblocked you will feel more confident and your boundaries will become more clear!

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