HIW Biofield IllustrationsWelcome to the latest installment (part 3) of our 5-part series, ‘Healing from the Outside In.’ Today we are discussing the mental layer which is connected to your Solar Plexus Chakra, which is our power center.

Energy Shifts

As energy shifts go, June housed a pretty good amount of them. Along with the waxing and waning of the moon we added the Summer Solstice and even an eclipse in the mix! Hopefully, you were able to ride the wave, keep your emotions in check and give yourself time to think. July should not be so rough, and we hope that the wave of energy you get at the beginning will help you see clear of things that have been muddy so far. This is a great time to focus on our mental layer!

What is the Solar Plexus Chakra?

The Solar Plexus, or Manipura, refers to the third chakra. It is associated with the color yellow and means “lustrous gem” in Sanskrit. It is located in your upper abdomen just above the navel and provides a source of personal power relating to self-esteem, empowered energy, and the power of transformation. It also has the power to give you confidence and a sense that everything is going to be fine.

Negative Effects

Because this layer is tied to your Solar Plexus Chakra, it is a very powerful layer that can be used in manifestation. It is important to note that this layer should be cleared. It can hold negative energy that stagnates and rears it’s ugly head in other forms.

We must understand what we put into it is broadcasted. Much like a cell tower, the energy shared is purposeful and direct. Whether it is in your head or out loud, the vibration is still the same.

Be aware of:
• Negative Self-Talk
• Holding on to the Past
• Feelings of Weakness
• Blaming Others
• Insecurity / Low Self-Esteem

Most of these things don’t need to be explained. However, we would like to elaborate just a little on the ‘blaming others’ portion of what you should be aware of. We are responsible for all our energy. When we do not keep the boundaries we set, it is our instinct to blame others when they cross those boundaries. However, we must acknowledge our own responsibility in ALLOWING those boundaries to be crossed in the first place. Ultimately, we are upset with ourselves and not them.

Clearing the Mental Layer

A few things that you can you do to clear and maintain this layer:

• Intentionally Repeat Positive Self-Affirmations
• Practice Good Posture and Breathing
• Release the Past (Through Therapy or Other Means)
• Dress in Yellow Tones
Wear Gemstones Associated with this Layer
• Spend Time by a Campfire

We know we have mentioned this before, but journaling is EXTREMELY important to us. It allows you to release energy tied up in thoughts and free your mind space for healthy actions. Many people are afraid to begin journaling because they are concerned someone will read it. However, there are many options for destroying your writing once you are done. Among them is burning, and the act itself of burning your writing can be quite cathartic!

You will find that when this chakra/layer is unblocked your authentic self will shine as you feel confident and experience clarity that will help guide you on your path.

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