Stone of the Month October 2023 – Lapis Lazuli for Creativity

Lapis Lazuli – Stimulates personal & spiritual power, releases stress & brings deep peace. Harmonizes physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual levels bringing deep inner knowing. Revealing the inner truth and encourages self-awareness and self-expression. As a powerful thought amplifier, it can stimulate the higher faculties of the mind, bringing clarity & objectivity. All this strengthens creativity through attunement to source, confronting truth, freely expressing opinions, emotions, & thought forms.

Stone of the Month September 2023 – Sunstone for Recognizing Your Unique Needs

The first thing that popped into my head from this month’s topic was self-care, self-love and ‘you matter.’ All topics covered before however, because of our conditioning, I can see that one would have to recognize the idea that we have unique needs before we can even begin to look at these other themes. We’re all here on purpose, to be. That’s it, to be, in this world being who we are. All else is programming and ego/fear. And believe me when I say I KNOW!