Patience and waiting – is there a difference? Absolutely!

Let’s start with waiting. We wait every single day for something. This can be a short-term goal or a long-term goal and anything in between. Examples can be waiting for the doctor to call you back to the exam room, waiting for a planned vacation you are excited about, or waiting while your house is being built. 

But do you exercise patience while you wait? We often speak of living with intent. This includes patience. Patience can be considered as waiting with intent! It is truly the ability to set aside your need for the end result while you are waiting and to live in the moment, be calm and trust the process.  

Patience and WaitingBenefits of Patience

The benefits of patience include:

  • Reduced stress levels
  • Fosters better decision-making
  • Develops resilience and perseverance (patience can take time)
  • Improves listening skills
  • Your peaceful mindset will make those around you more comfortable
  • Leads to improved mental health

But patience isn’t strictly for waiting for an outcome! Patience is often exhibited in tiny events, from a grandparent showing a grandchild how to tie their shoes for the 8th time or a driver holding back to let someone in. One might even say that patience is often tied to kindness. 

Practicing for Patience

Patience can be practiced daily, so if you believe you are an impatient person, there is no time like the present to develop your patience skill set! With daily mindfulness,intent and gratitude practice, you will find that you can be the calm in the storm and carry a sense of pride that you weather adversity without frustration or despair.

Related Chakra: Soul Star Chakra

Located about 12″ above your head, and has an extremely important function. It is considered to be the gateway that connects us to divine guidance, past lives, akashic records, mediumship and more. Bringing this chakra into balance gives you a better understanding of self and universe as well as a trust in divine timing, making it a big piece of the puzzle in patience!

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