Sunstone for Recognizing Your Unique Needs (Solar Plexus)


The first thing that popped into my head from this month’s topic was self-care, self-love and ‘you matter.’ All topics covered before however, because of our conditioning, I can see that one would have to recognize the idea that we have unique needs before we can even begin to look at these other themes. We’re all here on purpose, to be. That’s it, to be, in this world being who we are. All else is programming and ego/fear. And believe me when I say I KNOW!

Your Needs Count Too!

I also know as you read this you’re having thoughts about what you should or could be doing, a huge to-do list that’s not going to do itself, right? And, if you don’t do it ALL no one else will. These things come before you and your needs. WRONG!

On an aircraft, especially if you are a Mom, when the flight attendant tells you to put your oxygen mask on first you argue, in your head, that’s ridiculous the child always comes first. Well, even, if not especially, in this scenario – WRONG!

We have been trained to put others first. Whether it’s the family, the team/boss at work, the paycheck or the volunteer position – God forbid we should ever let anyone down who is absolutely relying on us because the world will just simply fall apart – right?! WRONG. I feel pretty safe saying most of us give little thought to our own unique needs. And maybe even feel we don’t have, or are not allowed to have them! WRONG!

Sorry to be a broken record but this has been one of the hardest lessons for me and I feel the need to repeat myself. I’m not a particularly self-sacrificing person, nor a maniac volunteer. My character defects are perfectionism, taking on responsibility for others, and feelings of separation and aloneness. Releasing these (still working on them!) has allowed me to recognize my own needs.

I hope the Stone of the Month will bring you some relief, sweetness, joy, and confidence.

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Sunstone – Support for Self-Worth

Sunstone – Known for joie de vivre, joy, light-filled inspiration and heightened intuition. Can restore any lost sweetness in life, helping you nurture yourself. Allows the real self to shine through happily. Beneficial for removing any ‘hooks’ from the aura, gently returning the energy to the source & cutting the cord. Difficulty saying “No?” Keep Sunstone with you. Facilitates self-empowerment, independence, & vitality. Reverses feelings of failure and increases self-worth & confidence.

Placed on the solar plexus Sunstone lifts out heavy or repressed emotions & transmutes them.



Here are a few more offers of assistance on this path:

  • Agates – Gently facilitates self-acceptance. Builds self-confidence. Agate’s love of truthfulness encourages speaking one’s own truth. Can lead to spiritual growth & inner stability.
  • Aquamarine – Stone of Courage. Supports those overwhelmed by responsibility and encourages taking self-responsibility. Breaks self-defeating programs. Clears blocked communication and promotes self-expression.
  • Golden Beyrl – Teaches how to do only that which is necessary. Aids shedding unnecessary baggage. Promotes the purity of being. Teaches initiative & independence. Activates solar plexus & crown chakras.
  • Citrine – Raises self-esteem & self-confidence, & removes destructive tendencies. Enhances individuality. Has the ability to cleanse the chakras, especially the solar plexus & naval.
  • Pyrite – Very positive stone. Overcomes inertia & feelings of inadequacy. Boosts self-worth & confidence. Helps women overcome servitude & inferiority complexes.
  • Labradorite – Banishes fears & insecurities, & debris from disappointments. Strengthens faith & trust in self & the universe. Removes other people’s projections. Yellow Labradorite is beneficial for the solar plexus chakra & expands the mental body.
  • Opal – Enhances self-worth & helps understand your full potential. Teaches how to take responsibility for how you feel. Strengthens the will to live.
  • Pietersite – Links & connects you to your own inner guidance, reminding you that you are s spiritual being on a human journey.
  • Rose Quartz – Unconditional love & infinite peace. The finest healer, transmutes emotional conditioning that no longer serves. Encourages self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, & self-worth.
  • Sodalite – Instills a drive for truth, encourages remaining true to the self & to stand up for your beliefs. Stimulates the release of old mental conditioning & rigid mind sets, creating space for the new.
  • Tigers Eye – Useful for recognizing both your own needs & those of others. Differentiates between wishful thinking & real needs. Heals issues with self-worth & self-criticism, & can resolve internal conflicts.
  • Topaz – Brings trust in the universe and enables you to be rather than to do! It cuts through doubts & uncertainty.  Promotes truth & forgiveness. Golden (Imperial) Topaz strengthens the solar plexus.

Final Thought this Month

I’ve been told many times, my purpose is “TO BE.” Just that! For the longest time, my response to that information was: YES BUT… fill in the blank. Wasn’t there always something else to do, some other’s opinion to consider, some reason I was not allowed to just be: myself, at peace, at rest, to believe myself a success just as I AM?!

With love & blessings til next.. J
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