Welcome to the enchanting world of the
Sisterhood of the Rose Collection

Immerse yourself in the captivating essence of ancient wisdom, where the echoes of Lemuria and Atlantis resurface to awaken your divine knowledge.

This extraordinary collection is carefully crafted to help you activate your divine blueprint, bringing balance and unity into your life. Embrace the power of this sacred sisterhood/brotherhood and rediscover your true essence.

Let the Sisterhood of the Rose Collection guide you on a transformative journey to connect with your inner wisdom and embrace the magic within.

Gratitude & Joy - Sisterhood of the Rose - eBracelet


Gratitude & Joy - SotR - earrings
HIW Prosperity Bracelet

The Gratitude & Joy bracelet is pure love. The energy is palpable. The colors remind me of the Violet Flame and all that I am grateful for. I wear it every day.

Sally Gallot-Reeves, New Hampshire


“Gratitude for the small blessings of daily life builds a momentum, which gives the student a wider perspective with regard to the enumerable gifts which are constantly poured out, for his personal benefit. Life should be a constant ‘Prayer of Thanksgiving.’ Not only on one day of the year, should mankind give a cursory glance at the benefactions around him, but DAILY, his heart should swell with sincere gratitude just for possessing the gift of life! All of us, who have arisen to the Ascended Master Octave, live in a consciousness of constant thanksgiving to God.
Master Saint Germain on The Law of Precipitation

About Our Collection

In the depths of ancient wisdom lies a sacred sisterhood, known as the Sisterhood of the Rose. The brothers and sisters carry within them the divine knowledge and energy that has been lost for tens of thousands of years. This ancient wisdom is now making its way back into the hearts of all sentient beings, igniting an inner knowing of who we truly are.

The Sisterhood of the Rose is guided by powerful ascended masters such as Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Saint Germain, and El Morya. These divine beings hold the keys to unlocking our divine destiny and ushering in a golden age on Earth.

As we collectively remember our connection to this lost knowledge, we tap into the energy of both the divine feminine and masculine. It is through this harmonious balance that we can activate our own divine blueprint and bring forth heaven on Earth.

Just like Lemuria and Atlantis before us, we are being called to awaken to our true potential and embrace our role in this grand cosmic dance. The return of this sacred wisdom reminds us that we are not alone in this journey – we have the support and guidance from these enlightened beings who walk beside us.

Let us open our hearts to receive this ancient wisdom with reverence and gratitude. Together, let us weave a tapestry of love, compassion, and unity as we step into a future illuminated by the light of our collective divinity.