Embracing Growth in Self-Reflection (Solar Plexus)

In the past, I’ve found self-reflection challenging. It requires honesty, and living in denial, let’s face it, is easier. Any shade or tinge of denial adds a veil. More veils deepen the shadow with feelings of victimhood, lack, fear, anger, ………. fill in the blank. For me, growth has only come by looking at all these things candidly, and often with many tears. Bringing them out of the shadows into the light of day for examination, acknowledging their presence, and in some cases, thanking them for being there to protect me, has helped me let them go. There I go again with the “letting go,” simple words, challenging concept.

Self-reflection has naturally led me to more self-awareness and self-knowledge, understanding of self-sabotage, and gaining some measure of self-control. This journey has also led me to more of my true self, the real me if you like. What I call this is embracing my personal power which lies solely in the Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura – Yellow).

There are many yellow stones that will lift the Solar Plexus energies and mood, and add a sunny tint to your day. However, if you really want to dig deep, try…

Malachite – A powerful stone. A stone of transformation. Believed by the metaphysical community to be still evolving, becoming one of the most important stones for the new millennium.

It will mercilessly show you what is blocking your spiritual growth. It will break unwanted ties, outdated patterns of behavior and teach us how to take full responsibility for our words & actions. Releases inhibitions and allows and encourages the expression of feelings. Placed directly on the Solar Plexus it will facilitate the release of negative experiences & old traumas, bringing them to the surface for healing

There’s so much more to Malachite, including caution about toxicity and how to use it and cleanse it. I encourage you to do your own exploration around this intoxicating green goddess of a stone.

If you would like to make a start with a little less oomph, try these for a glimpse into Self-Reflection, Self-Awareness, Self-Knowledge, Self-Control, and Self-Sabotage:

  • Apophyllite – Stone of truth, promotes introspection into one’s own behavior & allows corrections of perceived flaws & imbalances.
  • Chrysocolla – Encourages self-awareness & inner balance. Promotes truth-telling & impartiality, alleviates guilt & brings joy.
  • Jade – Assists in recognizing yourself as a spiritual being on a human journey. Encourages becoming who you really are.
  • Lapis Lazuli – Harmonizes physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies bringing deep inner self-knowledge. Encourages taking charge of one’s own life.
  • Larimar – Removes self-imposed blockages & dissolves self-sabotaging trends, especially martyrdom. Encourages “going with the flow.”
  • Onyx – Integrates dualities within the self, heals old grief & sorrows and alleviates overwhelming fears & worries. Imparts self-control.
  • Rhyolite – Immensely helpful in exploring the full extent of self. Excellent for anchoring in the present rather than harking back to the past. Enhances self-esteem, worth, & respect, & acceptance of true self.
  • Turquoise – Strengthening stone, dissolves martyrdom & self-sabotage. Mood stabilizer brings inner calm.

Final thought this month: It’s worth the effort. Even though I bitch and complain I always feel better when I’ve peeled one more layer of complexity and exposed my culpability and chinks in the armor of my personal power and worth. Any of you familiar with 12-step work know the value of steps 4 & 5.

With love, blessings, and great gratitude for my mentors and tribes. J
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