Jana Goes Quantum

Jana’s new endeavor is treating clients on their deepest levels of the conscious, subconscious and superconsciousness. She has created a “hybrid” model of healing which integrates acupuncture points with conventional, traditional hypnotherapy, these being past or future life regression techniques.

Shamanism’s Power to Heal the Soul

Types of shamanism include Native American shamanism, Reiki shamanism, Hawaiian shamanism, core (or universal) shamanism – just to name a few. For example, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., of Shaman, Healer, Sage gives wonderful descriptions of his initiations with both mountain shamans in the Andes and shamans in the Amazon jungles of Peru.

Kathy Martin’s Creativity Opens the Door to the Light

Kathy Martin is no stranger to pain, but has found that when she uses the creative process she not only develops self-awareness through exploration of raw emotion, she also develops the clarity to address unresolved emotional conflicts.  Kathy has used her creative outlet to achieve personal well-being, protect her energy and improve her outlook on life.