Releasing Stuck Emotions Holistic KnoxvilleWe all have emotions, but the expression of them somehow has become lost along the way. Often, we feel if an emotion has a “negative” vibe, we think it may be a burden to others if we shared them. Many of us also bury our emotions based on old belief systems that have been ingrained in us. As a result, unprocessed emotions can get stuffed away.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

But what happens when you put too much garbage in the bag? It bursts at the seams, the garbage overflows into an otherwise clean space, and most often, this event occurs at the most inopportune times. Perhaps as an emotional outburst with misplaced aggravation or anger that can lead to long-term issues with a person close to you. Maybe you get fed up and walk out of a job you actually love, due to a small incident with a co-worker. There are hundreds of ways this unexpected overflow can affect not only us, but those we love as well.

So, how do we begin to address these issues that we may or may not even really know exist?

  • The first step is Get in tune with your body and emotions. Mindfulness plays an extremely important role in release. Being aware of yourself, your feelings and your behaviors as you move through the day is a great practice. If something seems to be going a little off-kilter, ask yourself, “What am I feeling at this moment?” This gives you space to take a step back and assess your current experience for what it is.
  • The second step is acknowledgment. Your goal is to notice what is happening within and accept it without judgment. We often think of compassion when it comes to our treatment of others, but in this instance, we are demonstrating compassion for ourselves by accepting our feelings raw and untethered to reasons why they exist. It’s ok to feel what you feel in whatever state you are in.
  • The last step, and this involves a little work, is to ask what you can do about it. Your goal is to move the energy so that you can release it. So as yourself, “What’s next, what do I need?” There are a range of things that can be used to release this energy that can become a prison if not dealt with. A lot of stuck energy originates from the sacral chakra, as it is tied to your emotional body.

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Expressing Your Emotions

There are multiple ways to express emotions with a full range from throwing some dishes at a wall (with safety glasses, we hope) to gardening, but we are going to touch on 6 specific actions that can lead you to catharsis as you begin your journey of unlocking the emotional chains that bind you.

Meditation – By mindfully observing our emotional state, meditation helps us to understand that emotions are not permanent, they ebb and flow. It also gives us a new, kind of “outside,” perspective on what is going on. Separating our emotions to acknowledge them as they are and not assign a “good” or “bad” label to them.

  • Journaling – This is always going to be on our list. It is a wonderful method of expression. Additionally, it is important to take pen to paper, not use a keyboard. This allows our emotions and experience to come down our arms as we write. So much of your emotions come from the heart and this emotion can be lost when you use a keyboard. But why journaling? When we write, we are giving our internal narrative a voice. It allows us to process our experiences and look at them from a different perspective, with the eventual goal of letting go and healing.
  • Creative Outlets/Painting – We are not talking about being an artist to produce beautiful work. This means using creativity as an expressive outlet for releasing emotions
  • Talking About It – Get with someone that offers a safe space without judgment. Verbalizing what you are experiencing emotionally often can help to give you the opportunity to gain insight into what is causing them. The person you are with, hopefully, can give you a neutral perspective and help you to clarify these things.
  • Breathwork – Specialized breathing can help you release energy in your body. There is a reason why the saying goes “Take a deep breath.” Breathwork allows you the space to improve self-awareness associated with your feelings and redirect your flow of emotions.
  • Energy Work – Reiki, tuning forks, singing bowls, etc can assist with getting stagnant energy moving. These practices can help release trapped emotions, align chakras, find energetic cords and more.
  • Movement – Intentional movement is a great way to reduce unprocessed tension that is stored in your body. It’s time to get stretching, walking, dancing, or whatever meets your needs at the moment. Just get

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No matter what your stuck emotions stem from, if they are not processed, the effects can present in a myriad of ways. By using various techniques, you have the power to begin the release of these emotions to reconstruct your journey in the way you envision.

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