The Self-Improvement Journey

We talk a lot in our posts about the importance of clearing out old belief structures, patterns, conditioning and the like and although all of those lend to self-improvement and ultimately boosting your happiness, there’s more.

April Learns Calm Among Chaos

Just before a tornado you might experience a calm, but as it nears, your eyes are opened to the unimaginable chaos gouging a path in the land it crosses, destroying everything that has the misfortune to be in the cross-hairs.  You can see pieces and parts of a home, cars, trees, maybe an occasional animal swirling around with their own stories to tell as they make their journey to a new use or decay depending on the extent of the destruction.

Mental Spring Cleaning

Spring brings excitement of what’s to come. It’s a time when many of us begin to think of “spring cleaning.” Although we typically think of spring cleaning as clearing out the clutter in our home, it can also be a time when we clean out the energies of our bodies and minds.

Self-Love, A Hearts Perspective

Thinking and acting from a place of genuine love and authenticity that is beyond culture, beyond nation, beyond religion, and beyond economic status. Inclusive, unconditional love, and compassion – and it begins with self-love.