In 1996, as I was walking through Santa Fe, New Mexico, I popped into a local shop and saw the most exquisite hand-carved wooden angel. As I approached, it was as though I could feel a presence surrounding the carving. The angel was about three feet tall with a wingspan of about 18 inches. I walked around the store, but I kept being drawn back. Finally, I decided to purchase the angel, and have it shipped home.

When I arrived back home, I excitedly unpacked the box and hung the angel on the wall. I was so grateful I made the purchase. As I looked at it, I was wondering what I should call it and then I heard the name Michael. So, Michael he became, and he has been my constant companion ever since.

In 2007, as I was sitting with a client in my home, beginning my intuitive coaching journey, I felt a warm presence fill the room. I saw a beautiful light and heard, “I am Archangel Michael and I bring you blessings.” I was startled at first but then as I settled into the feeling, I felt comforted.

Since then, my relationship with Archangel Michael has continued to expand. The love that he carries for all of us, especially now as we are raising the collective consciousness and moving into a New Earth, fills my heart with deep gratitude.

Though I have felt an angelic presence my whole life, I didn’t know about Archangel Michael in 1996. Even when I heard the name Michael, I still didn’t put it together. Now, I truly believe that was Archangel Michael making his first contact with me.

Through my connection with him, I’ve learned we are surrounded by angels. They are waiting to help us – we only have to ask them.

I call on my angels for everything. I have asked for small things like finding my car keys, to big ones like helping me through a difficult situation.

For some reason, asking for help is one of the hardest things for us. But because we live on a free-will, free-choice planet, we have to ask them specifically for what we need (unless it is a case of protection; then, they will intervene).

They’re here for us – they want to help us. So, give it a try. Ask your angels for help and watch the magic occur.