Sound Immersion is Back!

Back by popular demand is the dynamic duo of Sherri and Jana! Their tuning forks and sound immersions await! Begin your Sonic Healing Experience with Sherri as she provides you with a Sonic Meridian Flush. This specialized sound massage treatment uses tuning forks and...

Jan Coe Provides Sound, Science and Spirit Through Whole Notes Harmony

You may wonder how a scientist can embrace things such as Qi Gong, Reiki, meditation, Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies, but if you consider that she questions everything and needs support for her claims, you realize that Jan’s scientific nature creates an authenticity in her work and that these things are not only compatible, they are symbiotic. 

Vibrational Healing

No matter who we, where we are, we truly are all affected by sound in one format or another. We are vibrational beings, living in an organic body, we will respond. It is my honor working with students and patients as they find their way back to their True center ….. their Soul signature.