I have been integrating sound (i.e.vibrational medicine) into my world  for most of my existence on this beautiful planet.  You see, I grew up in a musical household. My father is a jazz trumpet player and swing, jazz, blues was a regular staple in my home. The radio was always on, or one of my father’s favorite records was playing in the background. You can imagine my surprise when I found out that not everyone’s father wore a tuxedo on Saturday night’s for work. 🙂 One of my favorite memories was shining and buffing his shoe’s for his gigs.

But I digress, I have always felt the “hum” of Mother Gaia in my body. When I began studying Buddhism long ago, I quickly became aware of the power of the mantra. This experience felt so natural to me, it had a cadence to it, a rhythm, I understood it at it’s deepest levels. It was the nurturer, the safe place for me to heal my soul.  It truly was through the power of the mantra(s) that I was able to clear old ‘wounds’ on all levels.  Mantra’s carry a vibration, whether it’s one word ( Ohm), or lines ( short forms or long forms).

One will find the same type of healing in an incessant drum beat of a Native American ceremony, or the beautiful gentle clicking sound of bamboo shoots in the background of  a Tibetan singing bowl meditation.  There are numerous ways one can bring in Vibrational healing (aka Frequency or Energy Medicine).  All of this creates a vibrational frequency in the air…literally. It also translates into our physical body, our mind and emotions.  I have always used some type of vibrational medicine in my private practice. It may just be some quiet music in the background or I may include tuning fork or singing bowls that I use in the biofields (biofield tuning) along with a Reiki or Acupuncture session.  

It’s been proven time and time again how frequency (vibration) affects our brainwaves, our moods. Brain waves will speed up or slow down depending on our environment.  We are all in Beta wave during the day, meditation will take us to Theta or Delta waves. The waves literally slow down as we calm down our minds, our breathing, etc.  The monks of Tibet have been studied for decades on the connection between body and mind. They’ve also shown us the connection between toning, chanting and singing, and how it all affects our brainwaves and body.

Through the years I’ve studied many healers, there is so much amazing research being accomplished now. My favorites as of late are Eileen McKusick (Tuning The Human Biofield).  She is doing amazing research working in the Biofields (aura) of her clients.  Clearing years of pent up emotions, physical wounds, and mental traumas by using just one tuning fork of a particular hertz.  

John Beaulieu is another wonderful researcher, healer who calls himself “An expert on Stress Science”. His book Human Tuning: Sound Healing with Tuning Forks. Great information on how the brain and body are responding to sound ( vibration).  One of my favorites with him is how he found a connection between muscle spasms and vibration. It’s called “puffing.”  When he placed the tuning fork on a muscle spasm, the Nitrous Oxide(NO) that is built up in the spasm is released, thus releasing the painful muscle spasm.

I’ve been following Jonathan Goldman (www.healingsounds.com) for 20 years, a beautiful soul who has paved the way for so many of us. He holds intensives all around the globe, has a huge library of both audio and books on his website, along with a You Tube channel.  Another wonderful researcher who can feel the connection of music, sound, frequency, vibration to the human body, mind and soul.

Last but not least is Tom Kenyon (www.tomkenyon.com), again, another veteran in this field, one of the most respected sound healers known today.  His style beyond unique, as one can only experience him to understand him. He is able to channel several different other worldly civilizations, as well as chant/sing the full harmonic scale.  His brain research into the correlation of sound and human experience impeccable.  He is another who teaches in an intensive format all over the world.  An incredible pioneer in the field of sound healing.

No matter who we are, or where we are, we truly are all affected by sound in one format or another.  We are vibrational beings, living in an organic body, and we will respond. It is my honor working with students and patients as they find their way back to their True center ….. their Soul Signature.

Jana Kadovitz L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. is licensed and certified in Acupuncture and Herbology is one of the founders of The Holistic Institute of Wellness.  She can be reached at 865-712-9754 or office@holisticinstituteofwellness.com