You may wonder how a scientist can embrace things such as Qi Gong, Reiki, meditation, Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies, but if you consider that she questions everything and needs support for her claims, you realize that Jan’s scientific nature creates an authenticity in her work and that these things are not only compatible, they are symbiotic.

Jan Coe is not one who wrangled with finding her talents.  She has always known that music was her passion and as she grew, science and math were her drivers.  Singing is her first memory and she began piano lessons at 7.  Often though, we are stuck between two passions and science would win out as Jan’s other love, ultimately becoming her major and first career.

Environmental Science is a great fit for someone who found herself not just singing as child, but also practicing constant observation of the world’s natural wonders.  Jan worked with environmental sciences from 1979 through to 2007, but all during that period, she continued to engage in music and spiritual practices.  Singing, playing piano and directing choirs all fulfilled her musical desires during this period.  She learned Transcendental Meditation in 1980, adding to her studies in astrology, numerology, and Buddhism; and launching the next phases of her spiritual journey to include Qi Gong, Shamanic Studies, Angelic mediumship, Reiki and esoteric meditation practices that she says are forever evolving.

Jan’s care for others flowed into her life after environmental sciences where she spent 10 years owning building, and running a successful in-home care business in Knoxville, TN.  Her lifelong genuine desire to help people heal and her love for elderly people were catalysts for her investigation into how music can help people with dementia. 

During this investigation she found Dr. Mitch Gaynor (author of  ‘The Healing Power of Sound’), Jonathan Goldman (authority and author of many books and courses on sound healing), and (Suren Shrestha (author of ‘How to Heal with Singing Bowls’ and Spiritual Master). It was during classes with Master Shrestha that she experienced her first sound concert and felt her father, who had passed away 2 years prior, speaking to her on the sound of the gong.  In this instant, she knew where life was taking her and she has been spreading the sustained notes of well- being through Whole Notes Harmony ever since.

“Any work you do, you are working with energy.  It is all pieces and parts of the same thing and they are all about vibration.  I just happen to work instrument-on instead of hands-on,” Jan says.

Jan sees the results of her work usually just in one session.  She sees people, either through individual appointment or group concert, arrive carrying the burden of the day or more.  At the end of the session their demeanor is transformed: the burden appears lifted, the energy in the room has changed and participants are more positive and receptive. Those looks of “Oh my gosh I feel so much better” are what give her the satisfaction and knowledge that she is solidly on her path. She wants nothing more than to help the people who come to her experience their own inner harmony.

If you want to experience the magic of singing bowls sound therapy, or simply have questions, reach out to Jan Coe at jan@wholenotesharmony.com or visit her on her website at  www.wholenotesharmony.com