Stone of the Month May 2023 – Blue Lace Agate and Sound Healing

Crystal healing has been around as a concept since time immemorial, our ancients and ancestors used stones as talismans, in medicine bags, as protectors, and healers. Stones and crystals all carry their own vibrations, resonance, and tones when struck. Shaman knew (know) that crystals could be used to focus sound and light vibrations to be used in healing.

Stone of the Month April 2023 – Smoky Quartz for Vibrational Energy

In the Reiki and general esoteric communities, we talk a lot about “energy.” If you are already interested spiritually, already familiar with, or working in these fields, that term is likely a no-brainer. But what about those new to this term, to those just awakening? What do the words vibration and energy mean, not from a dictionary, but how do we intend them to be interpreted?

Stone of the Month March 2023 – Ametrine

I AM grateful for this topic, mostly because I enjoy connecting and community and of course, ametrine! I don’t think I realized how much they mean to me. As an extrovert, I get my energy from people and have sorely missed the many meetings and potential connectivity in the last 2-3 years. However, I will say that the significant fracture in my calendar has had a profound effect, almost to the point of changing my whole worldview.  I AM grateful that this is now in my awareness and that this topic has highlighted my current state of being and motivation.