Emily Maggard Goes Beyond Her Beliefs

The overwhelming darkness of depression combined with the stranglehold of self-destructive behavior is not something everyone overcomes. To overcome and then embrace a parallel, enlightened version of yourself with a full and shining heart is an experience even less embrace. To overcome, embrace and then become an empathetic, guiding inspiration to others, you enter an even more elite, smaller group.  But this is exactly what Emily Maggard has done. 

The Importance of Movement

Growing up as a natural athlete, I learned at a very young age how important it was to move my body. That realization has followed me through my life to this day. In my thirties, I was a personal trainer assisting individuals and educating them on the importance of movement and how our minds and bodies are connected.

The Ritual of Journaling

Before I read the Artist’s Way, I would say that I journaled when I felt the need for it. After reading it, I turned journaling into my morning ritual. Now, every day when I awake, while my French Press is steeping (yes, I’m a coffee snob, but that’s for another post ?) I get my journals, my pens and set my space to write.