*Quote background image by Cindy Lever from Pixabay


These are tips that have allowed me to manage my stress and live from a better overall space of wellbeing through the years. We hope they help you too.

  • Mindfulness centering exercise
  • Set your day through intention
  • Adopt an attitude of gratitude
  • Focus on a growth mindset
  • Step away from your workspace when permitted and step outside
  • Take some deep cleansing breaths
  • Guided meditation
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset
  • Color or paint
  • Attend a yoga class
  • Repeat positive affirmations
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Find a new perspective
  • Get out in nature
  • Take a mindful walk without your device
  • Feel your feelings
  • Eat mindfully, chew your food
  • Be aware of your self talk
  • Aromatherapy
  • Receive a Reiki treatment
  • At the end of your day, know you’ve done your best
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