The Knight of Swords – March 2024 Tarot Reading

When the Knight of Swords appears in a Tarot reading, it is a sign that you are highly driven, ambitious and action-oriented. You are so highly motivated to succeed that you will stop at nothing to pursue your dreams. The challenges, difficulties and obstacles on the path ahead don’t faze you because you know where you want to go.

The Queen of Cups – February 2024 Tarot Reading

The Queen of Cups in Tarot stands for being loving, tenderhearted, intuitive, psychic, and spiritual. The Queen of Cups meaning in a Tarot card reading is a combination of the positive water energy of all Cups and the inward focus of a Queen.

Darian Finds, and Honors, Her ‘Real Self’

We work hard to create the ideal life that we think should be lived.  It’s in our nature, it’s in our core, it is who we have grown into.  But what happens when you question why you have put in all the hard work to see that perfect world flourish and bloom?  Although...