We work hard to create the ideal life that we think should be lived.  It’s in our nature, it’s in our core, it is who we have grown into.  But what happens when you question why you have put in all the hard work to see that perfect world flourish and bloom?  Although it doesn’t happen to everyone, some see the cracks in the bubble they are in and with it comes a dissatisfaction, a longing to be or do something different than what you originally believed was your purpose.

Darian Denman and her husband Larry lived in Jacksonville, FL when she began to feel the nagging that she needed something different.  She was experiencing severe anxiety and depression through some very difficult fertility issues and knew she had to look outside of her typical field of contacts to find the answers.  She took the frightening first step to have energy work done on her by a local medium.  This is where she began to learn of her past lives and her empathic abilities.  This began her awakening.

Darian knew she wanted to be in Tennessee, she didn’t know what they were going to do, just that they were going to go there when they were retired.  The courage it takes to decide to do something like move to another state with no plan is phenomenal.  She held the intention and with the knowledge that she and her husband both had farm experience, knew that was the direction they would take.  It was even further secured when, in the hospital prepping for surgery, she came to the name of their farm.  Rolling Meadows.  Who knew if what they found would have meadows- she just knew it was RIGHT!

It turns out, the beautiful location they found in Tazewell, TN does have meadows and is a perfect place for goats, growing their own produce and practicing sustainable living.  However, moving was not the hard part.  With anxiety and depression still lingering, she had some work left to do on herself.  She met her friend Stacie when she was looking for property in TN, she is a medium and she taught her meditation and healing.  Through her friend, she found a Reiki class by the Holistic Institute at the Well Being Retreat Center.  Every fear in her was exploding the closer she came to the date of the Reiki class.  Negative self-talk like “Is this for you?” and “Are you worthy?” were constantly in her mind.  Carolyn helped talk her down, but even up to the day of the class she was trying to come up with an excuse not to go.

With the help of her husband’s gentle push, she did take that class, and the abundant love and support she was shown helped create the perfect storm for her major transformation over the past two years.  They have grown their farm to production of goat’s milk products that evolved from Darian having sensitive skin.  Both her internal growth and her professional achievements propelled her to complete Reiki II and practice meditation.  Darian feels like she is removing layers and layers of old habits and beliefs, and she is a new person.  Her physical healing has also evolved, she has lowered her blood pressure medication and her type 2 diabetes medications have all been cut in half with the numbers continuing to decline.

As her work on herself has progressed, Darian has come to the realization that she can help others to get beyond their suffering and know their own power and strength in self.  She is still working on sitting back and letting life take the wheel while trusting she is on the right path, but she is comfortable and happy in her new life that she has created with great intention.  Her intuition is being developed and she is being guided to be a healer.   As she plans for her Reiki Master class, Darian is on the road to having the proper tools in place for being the best source of light for others that she can be.


For more information on Darian and Rolling Meadows Farm or Rolling Meadows Naturals you can find their page on Facebook or reach out to her at rollingmeadowsorchardandfarm@gmail.com