Last month, Jana and I, along with members of our Reiki Community, had the privilege of building a fire pit at the Well Being Retreat Center in Tazewell, Tennessee.

This is no ordinary fire pit; instead, it’s more like a fire amphitheater. It has been affectionately dubbed a Soul Fire by one of our community members, Barry Richmond. Barry envisioned a sacred space where we could gather to sing songs, play drums or sit under the stars and listen quietly to the crackling fire.

Don Oakley of Well Being was able to take Barry’s vision and bring it to fruition with the help of the Well Being community and our Reiki community. We are so grateful for everyone who participated in this amazing build.

Through the process, I witnessed the power of community. We bobbed and weaved gracefully, never overstepping each other, always listening and watching for what needed to be done next. Each person gave their input and we reached consensus on how to proceed. Everyone worked in unison for the whole. Some poured concrete, some measured, some drilled and some cut boards, while others laid stone pathways. No one task was more important than the other.

After we completed the job, we sat around the fire. Some of us played our flutes, drummed, hummed or used the fire pit as a burning bowl. And again, I witnessed the power of community. There was a silent knowing among all of us, holding space for each other as we honored everyone’s experiences. How beautiful it was.

What would the world look like if we all worked toward a common goal? What if we learned to appreciate each other’s differences without judgement? What if we listened to our neighbors, our children, our parents and our friends without interrupting or overstepping, and allowed each person to express their sacredness in a way that felt safe and authentic? What if we allowed our hearts to be open and shared from a space of wholeness?

That’s the world I’m moving toward. And who knows? Perhaps I’ll see you there, gathered around a soul fire, sharing our hearts as we watch the flames dance.

Below are some pictures from our soulfire building journey, enjoy!