Stone of the Month September 2023 – Sunstone for Recognizing Your Unique Needs

The first thing that popped into my head from this month’s topic was self-care, self-love and ‘you matter.’ All topics covered before however, because of our conditioning, I can see that one would have to recognize the idea that we have unique needs before we can even begin to look at these other themes. We’re all here on purpose, to be. That’s it, to be, in this world being who we are. All else is programming and ego/fear. And believe me when I say I KNOW!

Stone of the Month May 2023 – Blue Lace Agate and Sound Healing

Crystal healing has been around as a concept since time immemorial, our ancients and ancestors used stones as talismans, in medicine bags, as protectors, and healers. Stones and crystals all carry their own vibrations, resonance, and tones when struck. Shaman knew (know) that crystals could be used to focus sound and light vibrations to be used in healing.