Stone of the Month February 2023 – Carnelian

There are so many fabulous crystals & stones for grounding. I’ll start by saying anything black usually displays some grounding qualities. I wear a lot of black clothes, it’s my infinite go-to color, and, IMHO – it looks good with everything. However/and, personally I prefer Labradorite as my main piece of jewelry for its ability to ground my spiritual energies into my physical body.

Healing from the Outside-In Part 5: Physical Wellness

Welcome to the last installment (part 5) of our 5-part series, ‘Healing from the Outside In.’ Today we are discussing the physical layer. Physical wellness is directly related to your Etheric Layer (or physical layer) as it is the aura closest to the physical body, creating a bridge from the physical body to your higher energy body. It is connected to your Base (root) Chakra.