Brittany Childs Owns Her Road and Opens Doors

Brittany Childs, Certified LifeWorks Coach and Reiki Master, says that too many times we find ourselves pressured to find our purpose.  Sometimes this pressure makes that journey seem too big to fulfill.  She herself has had the experience of letting old beliefs dictate her current direction.  From struggling to open her doors to the right people to allowing guidance so she could believe in herself and become the true and authentic person she is today, Brittany has the experience to become your Reiki Sherpa. 

Being Present by Moving Beyond the Past

The past, we all have one. It shapes us, forms our character and most often makes us stronger. Often times however, we get stuck in the past whether it be longing for the days of yesteryear or simply fixated on the things that have happened to us or perhaps the mistakes we’ve made or people we’ve unintentionally hurt.