February Tarot Card Reading The FoolThe Fool

The Fool advises that you lighten up. Let yourself be spontaneous enough to stretch beyond the realm of logic. There is no advantage to be gained by thinking you possess the knowledge, power, or control to direct reality. Open and receive without question, instead of trying to manage what is happening right now. The Fool has no ambition to manipulate a specific outcome. Just be happy to be part of the whole.

Release any demands or expectations. Give your complete attention to events as they are occurring in the present moment.

New Beginnings

The first card of the Major Arcana, the Fool generally is a positive card indicating new beginnings. It could mean you are on the verge of an exciting, unexpected new adventure. Your new adventure will bring you along a path that may require you to make a leap of faith and you will grow as a result of this new experience. This new experience could be a literal new adventure, like traveling to a place you have never been before. The change this card could bring will usually welcome one. While the Fool is generally a positive card, its appearance in a reading can also indicate that you may need to look before you leap.

The Fool indicates that you are at the beginning of a new spiritual journey that will lead to great things. You will be eager to try many different approaches, allow yourself to do this. Others may not understand the journey you are on and you must do what’s right for you.

Relates to  Younger Age

For the younger crowd in the HIW group, I feel it is important to share the Fool related to a younger age group.

Each day you spend time daydreaming about what you would choose to do if you could. Each day you get a little bit older, a little bit closer to the freedom and adventure you have longed for. You cannot wait to buy your own lottery ticket, your first drink in a bar with an actual valid I.D., you can stay out late and be the master of your own life. Yet you are baby-new and know little of the world outside of your family’s living room. You are a shiny, hopeful thing; a blank canvas for experience and a heart that longs for success and fortune. What could they know that you cannot figure out yourself?

You have reached the age you will claim your freedom. You have packed a small rucksack and step outdoors, blinking in the sunlight. It is such a gorgeous day and everything feels alive. You feel as though the whole world is at your feet and anything is possible; the promise of opportunity and potential. You are finally guiding your own ship and the voices that were warning and cynical are but distant whispers.

You are enjoying this walk of your life and you smile because everything is going your way. Your shoes may be dusty and your clothes are needing to be replaced. You may have spent all your money getting rounds for everyone at the bar, you did not pay your rent and then you lost your footing at the first of life’s hurdles and just before tumbling. The warning and cynical voices float around you louder than before, but it may be too late to heed them in this particular experience. Life’s lessons.

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