This is a great time of year to stop and reflect on your life. Take time to see what is working and what you want to carry forward into 2016. It’s also a great time to reflect to see what is not working and what you want to leave behind. Recently at one of my mastermind retreats, we had a day where we did just that. We reflected on all of the things that we wanted to expand and then we set the intention during meditation to release all that was holding us back from that expansion. One by one we burned our old beliefs. It was such an amazing feeling and freeing process. Old beliefs hold us back and keep us stuck in old ways and in old patterns of the past. They can absolutely paralyze us with fear and keep us from stepping into the present fully. They can actually prevent us from stepping into us fully. It may seem odd that a belief has that much power over us but they do. Our beliefs form the very being that we are. Beliefs shape our lives and impact our perceptions. And, however we perceive something is exactly how it is. So I invite you as we close out this year, to sit, to reflect, to burn. Burn the old and bring in the new!

Many blessings to you and a very Happy New Year,