Essential Oils by Carolyn & Jana

This month we wanted to share some of our essential oils with you and how we use them in our life and business. Essential oils provide a beautiful healing environment for the mind, the body and the soul. There are many oils out there so choosing the right ones are important.

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Walking the Divine Path of Happiness

There’s something about Kim you should know.  She is driven.  If you are seeking someone who will work with conviction and limitless energy to help you to the next level, she should be your go-to.  As an Intuitive Clarity Coach™ and Reiki Master, Kim has incorporated her vast formal education and experience into honed purposes including stress management, relationship and guidance through the, sometimes murky, waters of following your passions. 

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The Ritual of Journaling

Before I read the Artist’s Way, I would say that I journaled when I felt the need for it. After reading it, I turned journaling into my morning ritual. Now, every day when I awake, while my French Press is steeping (yes, I’m a coffee snob, but that’s for another post ?) I get my journals, my pens and set my space to write.

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Vibrational Healing

No matter who we, where we are, we truly are all affected by sound in one format or another. We are vibrational beings, living in an organic body, we will respond. It is my honor working with students and patients as they find their way back to their True center ….. their Soul signature.

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