Creating from the Inside Out

I use the term energetic alignment often when I am explaining to my clients about Reiki, the chakra system and the energy fields. I like to think of it as having everything about your energy in balance. A mind, body, spirit approach. Energy is everything and...

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Janet’s Beads of Light

Janet Edkins is a no-nonsense type of gal that initially captivates you with her Sheffield, England accent and then draws you in completely with her personality.  A woman of integrity, creativity and determination, Janet is someone who you will be glad to know and...

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Spending Time With Madison

When most adults who are 24 years old are spending time being flippant about life, feeling ‘seasoned’ in their 2nd job ever, and working hard at how many selfies they can send on Snap Chat, Madison Franklin is planning her future around her son and how she can help others.  If you have ever heard the term ‘old soul,’ she would be the person you would apply it to.   With an age that lends itself to vibrant, abundant energy, she is also graced with the wisdom to know that Reiki is her calling. 

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Setting Your Best New Year Intentions

The new year is fast approaching and with that comes the pressure to create some kind of resolution that will transform yourself in miraculous ways and create an even better version of you.  Guess what?  New Year’s resolutions are made by millions but only followed through by a tiny fraction. 

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Beverly Rowland’s Healing Blanket

The Reiki Master and Life Coach chapter of Beverly Rowland’s story began in her childhood. She found that she has what can only be described as a gift to listen. People felt a gentle magnetic pull to take the time to describe various life difficulties to her.

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