BeTheHeroDid you know you have an inner Hero? You do. Your inner Hero is the one that goes on the quest to find buried treasure in life. It’s the part of you that rallies up the troops when you are launching into something big or making grand changes in your life. The one that has to overcome the obstacles and befriend the dragons along the way while searching for the gems. The one that finds the courage and takes the risks to expand and grow.

I had a huge epiphany about my inner Hero last weekend when I was at what I will call an Epic Event hosted by Stella Orange who I’ll say is a copywriter guru and a really cool chick. At this event, I discovered I don’t always give credit to my inner Hero and we’ve been through some amazing stuff together. I’m wondering if there are any of you out there that feel the same way or if you even considered the fact that you have an inner Hero.

As the song says, “Everybody’s searching for a hero.” How about finding the Hero within yourself? My invitation to you this month is take a moment and write down all of the amazing things you’ve done, the risks you’ve taken, the events you have overcome and say thank you to you, to your inner Hero. I bet you’ll be amazed at what you find.

Journey on,