In the ‘70s, when I grew up, “What’s your sign?” may have been a dating mantra for adults, but it was one of my favorite questions, too. What I didn’t know then was that “What’s your sign?” was only the beginning of the information astrology had to offer.

Astrology has become one of my biggest loves in learning. It ties me back to my roots, when my grandfather would take me to the field on my family’s farm and show me the constellations in the night sky. I learned more about the stars and planets, and their direct impact on my life, when my parents had my birth chart done.

“What’s your sign?” answers one main question about your astrological chart: the position of your sun sign. That’s the sign that corresponds to the month and day we were born on.

We also have a rising or ascendant sign, which is the face we show the world, and a moon sign, which corresponds to our unconscious and emotional motivations. For example, my sun is in Leo, I have a Pisces rising with an Aries moon, which means I enjoy the spotlight, have a strong psychic ability and can be emotionally fiery. In a typical astrology chart, you’ll find about 10 planets and a handful of asteroids, including Chiron.

Most humans search for direction via a personal road map. Astrology is one such map. Through it you can learn about your overall characteristics, why you do certain things, what you should avoid and what might be on the horizon.

A couple of years ago I met Margarita Ivanova who we are featuring in our newsletter this month. Gita has helped me and Jana so much – personally and professionally – offering clarity on our strengths and challenges.

I also follow intuitive astrologer Molly McCord’s weekly podcast. She does two shows a week, and in her Monday show, she shares something we need to be aware of on a collective level. In her Wednesday show she shares the energies of the week.

For years, I have been able to feel the energetic waves of changes, but I haven’t always had the language to describe them. Molly gives me that language, and more, through her deep knowledge of astrology and unique channeling ability.

~ In Gratitude, Carolyn A. Jones