There are two kinds of people – you know them,
As you journey along life’s track;
The people who take your strength from you,
and others who put it all back.

~ Ralph Spaulding Cushman

A friend of mine recently sent this to me and it really struck me.  It made me wonder do people really take our strength from us or do we let them?  It’s been my experience in life that some of us often give so much that it feels as if another is taking when really all they are doing is accepting what we give.  It is only with our own frustration do we feel that we have been taken advantage of, depleted and used up.

And, what about the people that put it all back?  Do they really put it back or is that us finally accepting a gift from another person?  Allowing them to truly be there for us, letting them in far enough to see our vulnerabilities so that we are able to rediscover who we really are and thus draw strength from that.

In my opinion, life is full of many kinds of people. And, at the end of the day it’s all about love.  To give love and to accept love.  What else really matters?  To me there is no greater joy than to deeply connect to another person whether that’s a husband, wife, partner, or a close friend.  To feel connection makes us feel alive, part of a bigger whole, and it let’s us know that there is more out there than just us.