Carolyn with Baby GoatYesterday, I had the opportunity to visit a friend’s farm and see some newborn goats. When I got there, goats were everywhere, all sizes and colors. I watched one of the farm hands try to herd them into specific stalls and areas sometimes successful and sometimes not. As I watched, it reminded me of our thoughts. Our thoughts can be everywhere, all sizes and colors as well. They can be distracting and can lead us to places that take us off our path and create disharmony within us. Thus, producing chaos on the outside of us and all around us. They try to take us down the proverbial rabbit hole while chanting untruths that cause us to make assumptions about every thing going on around us. So, how do we change this? How do we focus and master our thoughts verses them mastering us? Awareness is the key. Awareness can show us the thoughts that no longer serve us so that we can then focus on the ones that do. We can achieve this through positive affirmations, gratitude and meditation. With these practices, our thoughts begin to come into alignment and go into their appropriate stalls just like the goats. Some are stubborn and some when still will settle right down in your mind…or your arms in this case. 🙂

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Happy herding,