Stone of the Month March 2024 – Flourite for Crystal Healing

Activating and Attuning to Crystal Healing  (Heart Chakra) РThe beautiful crystals, stones, sea shells, and plants of Gaia have been known and used for their healing & protective properties for millennia. Think of the Egyptian-Lapis Lazuli and Native American-Turquoise connections. Then there are any number of seafaring cultures that have valued Aquamarine as a talisman against drowning.

March 2021 – Stones for Mindfulness

Many stones help with many things and to me mindfulness, actually the lack thereof, can be caused by so many things. Rather than focus on promoting or gaining mindfulness, I thought I would scribble today about all the stones that can help with the myriad things that get in the (my) way. Such as, being scattered or distracted. Mind chatter and negative thoughts.