March Mindfulness: Stones for Mindfulness

The dictionary says mindfulness is: “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.”

Many stones help with many things and to me mindfulness, actually the lack thereof, can be caused by so many things. Rather than focus on promoting or gaining mindfulness, I thought I would scribble today about all the stones that can help with the myriad things that get in the (my) way. Such as, being scattered or distracted. Mind chatter and negative thoughts. Feelings of body, mind, spirit being disconnected. Old habit patterns & behaviors that just keep coming back!

I know all these things apply to me, thankfully not all of them all the time, but frequently enough that I wish to work on getting a handle on them.

Here’s my list of helpful stones. It’s a long one today. So love that Gaia has so many potential forms of assistance for we mere mortals.

With love & blessings.      J

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