Your Body Has the Answer

WOW. Well yes, your body does have the answer(s). However, we often don’t know the question! We don’t know what is wrong, or how to tune in to ourselves to pinpoint an issue. What we tend to do then is look outside of ourselves for a solution. We give away our power and our autonomy in return for the promise, and often the myth, that someone or something else can provide relief.

The tagline to today’s topic from HIW is “Intro to the concept of your Body Elemental, and closing your eyes and asking questions (of yourself).”

To me, the concept of the Body Elemental is an innate intelligence responsible for our physicality. We all know we have an “autonomic system.” Great modern scientific, almost dismissive, phrase to describe an absolutely fascinating and extremely complex system that just works – period. Breathing, thinking, heartbeat and circulation, digestion, all happening, all the time, without our having to pay attention. How exhausted would we be if we had to consciously direct all this work every second?! I believe the autonomic system is under the direction of our body elemental and we can tune in to her or him for counsel if something is off-kilter or out of alignment. I’m a proponent of meditation and I can see this as one way to still the chattering mind to get in touch with your own body. Another way might be to conduct a Body Scan.

Once you have an idea of what might be an issue you can look to crystals and stones but you have to get there first. The best support I feel I can offer this month is an invitation to quiet the mind, either to get to an answer or to just find some peace.

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Amethyst Scepter Third Eye Crown


Amethyst – An extremely powerful & protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. A natural tranquilizer, and blocker of stress & negativity. Has a serenity made specially to enhance higher states of consciousness, meditation, & spiritual awareness, with strong healing & cleansing powers. Brings clarity of the mind & helps tune into your feelings to get to know yourself on a much deeper level. In meditation can turn mind chatter to tranquility & deeper understanding. Helps us feel less scattered & more focused. Can enhance the integration of new ideas & connect cause with effect. Pictured: Janet Edkins Amethyst Scepter 3rd Eye Crown.



Stones that can help with meditation and quieting the mind:

  • Beryl – Calms the mind, relieves stress, enhances courage. Aids the ability to filter distractions, reduce overstimulation, & discourage overanalysis.
  • Celestite – Imparts gentle strength & enormous inner peace while urging toward greater openness to new experiences. Calms & sharpens the mind.
  • Emerald – Brings mental clarity & inspires deep inner knowing. Wisdom stone promoting discernment & truth. Helps bring to the surface that which is unconsciously known.
  • Howlite – Links to spiritual dimensions, opening attunement, & prepping the mind to receive wisdom & insights. Stills the mind, and is excellent for aiding sleep or meditation.
  • Idocrase – Provides a link to the higher self & the info it can offer to the soul in incarnation. Gently dissolves anger & fear creating inner security. Opens the mind & clears negative thought patterns.
  • Iron Pyrite – A stone that holds the ideal of perfect health & well-being. Brings up the cause of dis-ease to be examined. Particularly good for rooting out karmic or psychosomatic issues.
  • Peridot – Sharpens the mind, and opens to new levels of awareness. Brings to attention all the things you’ve neglected consciously or unconsciously. Aids in taking responsibility for our own life.
  • Blue Selenite – Placed on the third eye it quiets the intellect & facilitates shutting off the mind chatter during meditation. Can quickly reveal the core of a problem.

A final thought: Many, many holistic modalities can offer you and your body elemental support during times of dis-ease or stress. They are too many to mention as a ‘final thought,’ however they all have one thing in common; your participation, full body autonomy, and no requirement to hand over your power. Holistic means: emphasizing the organic or functional relation between parts and the whole.

Love & blessings til next time. J
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