releasing expectations, setting intentions, holistic healthReleasing Expectations “As with every new year, we want to discuss setting intentions, however, as the energy in 2022 will be moving quickly, we want to stress: going with the flow, accepting outcomes and adapting will be beneficial.”

How do expectations & intentions fit together? Quite snugly, in fact, it seems for me. Setting intentions sounds easy; decide what you want, ask the universe to provide, sit back and let it all unfold as it should. Yeah, right! The trouble is, I have expectations, it’s in my nature, so that last little bit gets me. Don’t interfere, don’t try to nudge it along, don’t try to be in control, don’t try to lay out exactly what “should” happen and in what order! The end of setting intentions is “this or something better.” That opens up the universe to provide what we need, not necessarily exactly what we want. This simple ending opens the opportunity to relieve us of the burden of restricting what we might receive.

It’s so interesting that this came up for me again today as I write. I just heard a great analogy:
Think of this (setting an intention) like ordering a meal in a restaurant. You order what you want and expect it to arrive on the table. You don’t go into the kitchen and tell the chef how the meal should be prepared, what ingredients to use, how to cook a steak! You wait patiently and the wonderful meal arrives in front of you.” I thought this was brilliant. I needed to hear this specific analogy. Let the universe provide in the way it can, and will, for you. (Wish I could remember where I heard it so I could give full credit where it’s due.)

Having oversized and overly controlled expectations are a burden I seem unwilling to put down. Going with the flow is great, but letting go of my iron grip on the river bank to flow with the river, not so much! My ah-ha moment to share – I keep my grip on the river bank or tree limb because the weight of my expectations will likely drown me!

How about having a grip on a stone or crystal instead?

Other Stones/Crystals for Releasing Expectations

Larimar – Removes self-imposed blockages & constraints. Helps to dissolve self-sabotaging behavior. Brings serenity & clarity and encourages “going with the flow.”
Black Tourmaline – Promotes a laid-back attitude & objective neutrality. Encourages a positive attitude, no matter the circumstances. Stimulates practical creativity.
Labradorite – Strengthens faith in self & trust in the Universe. Banishes fears & insecurities leftover from previous disappointments.
Aragonite – Teaches patience & acceptance. Aids a pragmatic approach to life.
Citrine – Aids a positive attitude, helps in looking forward optimistically, & going with the flow. Encourages exploring every possible avenue.
Rose Quartz – Encourages self-forgiveness & acceptance, invokes self-trust & self-worth.

With love & blessings. J

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