What is a Starseed and how do you know you are one?  –  Galactic Chakra

Well, what an interesting topic posed this month, so many ways to perceive it and potential answers. I’ve listed a few of the signs & characteristics below where I hope you can discern your own responses, then added stones that might be helpful if this is an area where you feel uncomfortable or unsure.

My mission is to get the word out on how healing crystals and stones can be of service. I decided to approach this topic from the point of view of the ‘newbie,’ that being a person finding familiarity with several if not all the listed experiences. Please don’t take that name the wrong way, if you are only just awakening and are unfamiliar with the terminology Starseed but the statements resonate, then you are a newbie in this area AND you are my audience. Hopefully, Gaia and I can help by offering you support through the properties of her gifts to us.*

“Feeling a sense of not belonging or feeling out of place on Earth. Starseeds often have a deep longing for their true home and may feel disconnected from societal norms and expectations.”

  • Cerussite – An excellent grounding stone, useful for those who feel the earth is not their natural home. Can alleviate feelings of homesickness, allows feeling comfortable in one’s environment. Can help us explore why we chose to come here and the lessons & tasks to be accomplished.
  • Sugilite – Teaches us how to live from our truth and reminds the soul of the reasons for incarnating. Can provide answers to some of life’s great questions Who am I? Why am I here? What else do I need to understand? 
  • Rhyolite – Ignites creativity & the potential of the soul.  Assists in fulfilling quests & facilitates soul knowing.  Excellent stone for anchoring into the present.

“Having an innate wisdom or knowingness about the universe and spiritual concepts at a young age, without any formal education or exposure.”

  • Labradorite – (One of my go-to stones for everything!) A highly mystical & protective stone. Raises consciousness & allows us to connect with universal energies. Banishes fears & insecurities, strengthens faith in the self & trust in the universe.  

Trust has always been an issue for me, here is another post with info on stones to help with trust. 

“Exhibiting heightened sensitivity and empathy towards others, as well as towards environmental factors such as energy vibrations and electromagnetic fields.”

  • Amazonite, Fluorite, & Pyrite are tops:   Go look at this post about protection.

“Starseeds may experience vivid dreams or astral travel experiences where they connect with beings from other dimensions or galaxies. These experiences can provide them with glimpses into their true origins.”

  • Angelite – Stone of Awareness for the New Age. Represent peace & brother/sisterhood. Facilitates conscious contact with the angelic realm. Allows communication & out-of-body experiences while keeping contact with everyday reality.
  • Apophyllite – Stone of Truth, bringing recognition of one’s true self and allowing that to be shown to the world.
  • Blue Boji Stones – Have a high but grounded spiritual vibration. Facilitate traveling while guarding the body until the soul returns.

“One more unique characteristic associated with Starseeds is the activation of the 11th Chakra, also known as the Galactic Chakra.  ** This chakra is believed to connect individuals with higher realms and facilitate communication with higher beings.”

  • Phenacite – One of the highest crystal vibrations yet discovered. Connects personal consciousness to this high frequency enabling information to be translated to earth.  Allows connection to the angelic realms & to Ascended Masters. Enhances inner knowing.

This month I chose Sugilite for the breadth of support I feel it can offer to Starseeds.

Sugilite specimen courtesy of www.geologyin.comSugilite – Represents spiritual love & wisdom, & opens all the chakras to the flow of love aligning them. One of the major love stones 💜 bringing the purple ray energy to earth. Inspires spiritual awareness. Is a useful companion on spiritual quests, this loving stone protects the soul from shocks, trauma, & disappointments, & relieves spiritual tension. Aids sensitive people & lightworkers to adapt to the vibration of the earth without becoming mired or despondent. Can bring light & love into dark situations. Helpful for “misfits” of any kind who do not feel Earth is their home. Helps ground the soul into the present reality.

Final thoughts: If you feel you are a Starseed and this bothers or concerns you, please reach out. There is an amazing community of spiritual support; people, classes, rocks and stones and crystals, Reiki and many other modalities that are here for you.

* It’s easy to carry stones in your pocket, in your bra, and slip them under your pillow, or under your bed. There are no hard and fast rules, however, choosing to wear your stone as a piece of jewelry, against your skin and directly inside your auric field can often provide a fuller experience of the healing properties.

** The Galactic chakra is the 11th chakra located just above the solar chakra. Its colors are a mixture of violet, gold and silver. It’s considered to be a channel for prophecy, governs your ability to transcend space and time, and allows you access to the Akashic Records, also referred to as the Universe’s cosmic “Book of Life.”

Love & blessings til next time. J
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