Mountain SunIt’s a beautiful time of the year to express our gratitude as we are in the season of Thanksgiving. However, gratitude is a practice that can be utilized throughout the year. Many years ago, I started this practice where everyday I would write five things down that I was grateful for and as the days passed I began to notice a difference. A difference in how I was feeling, my attitude and my energy. I also noticed more opportunities were showing up to be grateful for and I quickly learned through this very simple process that my life was changing.

So many times during the holiday season we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everything around us. We often times forget what is truly important to us. This week and throughout this entire holiday season, I invite you to pause every morning before starting your day to focus on and write down all of what you are grateful for. As you engage in the process, take note of the change and how you are feeling. You might just find yourself in a season of gratitude in your own life.

Many blessings,