New Reiki Master 2021 Please join Jana and I in congratulating these beautiful Reiki Masters on their completion of a year long journey. We had a fun, adventurous graduation retreat. We were blessed with rain and sunshine. We laughed, we cried and most importantly we made room inside ourselves for more light to reside.

It takes those of a courageous heart to walk this path, an openness and willingness to own and take responsibility for every single thought, word, action and experience that you encounter. To fully realize you are the co-creator of your reality and if you don’t like something you must look deep within to change it so that it begins to reflect outwardly.

Mastership is not just another class. It is a soul commitment and a way of life. We witnessed these ladies walk through their own individual fires this last year and each one of them stayed committed to themselves, to the work and made it through when they could have easily tossed in the towel.

Jana, Kelly, Madison and myself could not be any prouder of these ladies, these Goddesses. We honor each of you, celebrate you, thank you for your commitment and know the world will be a better place as you all have stepped into the next level of your spiritual journey…self-mastery.

Kelly and Madison our hearts are full of gratitude for the beautiful work and spiritual leadership that you exhibited throughout the weekend. Thank you for being a part of our team.

With so much love to you all ~ Carolyn & Jana ❤️