Jana and I were thrilled as we launched another phase of Holistic Institute of Wellness with our website announcement last Friday. I’ve learned that what often starts as a small seed, when watered and fertilized blooms into a beautiful flower. That is exactly what has occurred here for us. For years, I’ve held the vision of expanding my small, private business into a company and when I met Jana several years ago she held the same vision. So, after working together for almost 4 years we decided to join forces and through that process Holistic Institute of Wellness was birthed.

HIW is the bridging of our work together as we bring decades of understanding and experience in the holistic field. Our deep passion underlying the formation of HIW is to educate and promote holistic healing into the mainstream arena. We want to help individuals understand that holistic practices can compliment western practices to bring about equilibrium in the mind, body and spirit. It is our collective goal to raise awareness and elevate the consciousness of those we work with assisting them in the understanding that true healing comes from the inside. We believe firmly when one is energetically in alignment it will provide a space of optimum health and well-being along with greater success in life.

Jana and I are guides. We guide our clients to places within their own hearts to help them understand their role in what is manifesting externally in their lives. This manifestation can be on a spiritual, mental, emotional or physical level. This takes a commitment on our client’s part. They have to be willing to look at what is causing the imbalance within them and in order to come back into balance they have to be willing to do something about it. We provide numerous tools and techniques that will assist them in moving forward and finding solutions.

Most of us have been taught to look for external validation when in truth we must look within to find the answers. Without this, everything is just a band-aid to the true source of what is occurring.

In educating others in this way, it is our intent to provide them with a new perspective. That they will become curious as to why things are manifesting in their lives the way they are.

The late Louise Hay, a true pioneer of holistic work, wrote a book many years ago called, You Can Heal Your Life. In this book, Louise explores the emotional probable cause of many physical manifestations. We adopt this same philosophy at HIW. Let’s face it, people don’t know what they don’t know but if one can keep an open mind it’s amazing what they can find.

I will never be one to tell you that self-growth or self-healing is easy but what I will tell you is that the rewards, once on the other side of things, are tremendous. As I always ask my clients, “how bad do you want your life?” Are you okay settling for the ordinary way or are you open to experiencing the extraordinary? That’s what we do here at HIW.  We bridge the gap between ordinary and extraordinary.