Intuition. It’s a gift we all have. But real gift isn’t the intuition, itself. It’s what happens when we follow it.

Using it is like making biscuits. It seems like it should be easy – blend a few ingredients together, throw them in the oven and you’re ready for breakfast. But like baking pastries, using intuition takes skill. A skill you have to cultivate.

Many of us block our intuition, because we’re taught that determining something through logic is a better, truer or a more reliable guide.

And discerning intuition’s voice, apart from all those other voices in our heads (ego, anxiety, fear, desire, etc.) can be tough. How do you know when intuition is whispering to you and not one of these other voices? How do you trust yourself? How do you follow something that feels right but often doesn’t make sense? These are questions I am often asked by my clients.

Part of us knows the answers to our every question. The key is getting access to it.

Using tools like oracle cards, numerology, astrology or other methods of divination can enhance intuition. So can meditation, prayer and even sleep. You can also journal, paint and even spend time outdoors – without your phone. When we get off our devices and into our hearts, we can hear ourselves and that little voice, telling us which road to follow.

Sleep, by the way, is a great time to get in touch with intuition. Most people have a story of solving a problem during their sleep. When the conscious mind goes dormant, it frees the unconscious mind to make intuitive leaps. Try keeping a journal on your night stand and writing down the question you are trying to solve before bed. In the morning, write what comes to mind (or heart). Sometimes the answers are right there. Sometimes, it takes longer, but they always show up.

Everyone’s experience of intuition is different. You can’t apply the rules of science to it (though intuition has been scientifically proven in hundreds of experiments), but you can find ways to cultivate it.

I became aware of my intuition when I was very young, but it’s me years to trust it. Now, my intuition is something I use daily in my life and my business. It has saved me from many detours, and it’s guided me back to center after I’ve made a few.

The next time your head tells you to go one way and your heart the other, try an experiment and see what happens. Tune into your heart and let your intuition lead the way.