We always love wrapping up the end of the year and looking forward to the starting of a new. It gives us the opportunity to reflect on all the changes, shifts and experiences that we have had throughout the year.

This year holds a bit more energy as we reflect on HIW, with its 5th birthday coming up on January 1, 2022. Wow!

HIW is our love child if you will. A beautiful representation of both feminine and masculine energies. It was birthed out of our combined passion for changing the world one life at a time. We enjoy watching that life ripple its energy out into a bigger expression of itself sometimes much larger than was imagined. It is a sacred container of love, safe space, evolution, growth, self-empowerment and expansion for our clients and students.

When we look back over the last 5 years the common energy is we both feel is gratitude. Gratitude for our Divine Teams nudging us to combine all of our skills, talents and gifts under one umbrella, gratitude for ourselves for listening and having the fortitude to establish it, and gratitude for our clients, students and community members and partners that have believed in us and supported us along the way.

From the beginning, our tagline “Bridging the Gap from Ordinary to Extraordinary” is what we have lived by. Transforming every ordinary experience into something extraordinary and assisting all those that cross our paths to do the same. Live is magical despite all of the current chaos that we see in the world. We just have to open our eyes to it and be willing to see it with a new and fresh perspective.

Our intent over the years to come is to expand and grow in ways that are both supportive to us and our community at large. We intend on bringing more offerings and training to our followers along with keeping a solid foundation with our Reiki program. Reiki is our base, our foundation built on universal love, compassion and peace. It is the most beautiful, subtle, transformative energy on the planet because it is an extension of us. And, it is already coursing through us. We help assist in attuning one to it which brings more awareness and balance to one’s own personal energy or chi.

Our intent is also to listen and to follow the bread crumbs that we are being shown and given along the way. We remain mindful that we are in service to the greater whole and that we are blessed to be the stewards of this beautiful organization.

As the saying goes, it truly does take a village and that’s what we feel we are creating. A village of like-minded souls with a common goal of doing good in the world and bringing about a powerful positive change.

“Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb we are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future. I believe there is another world waiting for us. A better world. And we’ll be waiting for you there.” ~ Cloud Atlas