I never knew there was so much power in the feet until I had my first session with community member and reflexologist, Carrie Wagner. I had heard of the amazing benefits of reflexology and I enjoy trying new healing modalities, so even though I didn’t have a specific ailment, I booked an appointment.

Although I consider myself healthy, to my surprise, I walked away (ha) with more information than I expected on improving my overall health and wellbeing. That was exciting! It’s so important to keep our bodies in the best shape we can, so we can operate at our optimum level. My dad always says, “If you have your health, you have everything,” and I, too, believe this to be true.

One of the most interesting experiences of the session was when Carrie told me I had injured my tailbone – which I’d done about 30 years ago. I was blown away that she knew this by working on my feet! She was able to clear the stuck energy and return flexibility to that part of my body. From that moment on, I was hooked.

Reflexology is done by applying pressure on the feet, ears and hands, although Carrie works on the face, too. The pressure points in these areas connect to specific organs and systems in the body. I felt like I had received an internal clearing. It was as if all of the stress flowed out of my body.

Recently, Jana fell and jammed her big toe. She went to see Carrie and her reflexology treatments were instrumental in Jana’s healing. After two treatments, Carrie was able to unlock the trauma of the injury and get Jana’s toe moving again. Even more interesting is that, since the fall, Jana had been experiencing double vision. Once she received treatment for her toe, her vision cleared up as well. This is a great example of how everything is connected.

Our feet are our foundation. They carry us so many places that I think we might take them for granted from time to time. And like many of us, I live a busy, active lifestyle, so it’s important for me to keep myself balanced and aligned. When my feet are tired, my body is tired — so I can’t afford to have tired feet. I am grateful for this amazing modality, for Carrie and her expertise and how it has benefited my life and health.

I encourage you to explore reflexology and check out the numerous benefits it offers, from improved circulation and boosted immunity to pure relaxation. After all, who doesn’t want happy feet?

For more on Carrie, go to: http://knoxvillereflexology.com/ To reach her directly, email: carrie@knoxvillereflexology.com