I use the term energetic alignment often when I am explaining to my clients about Reiki, the chakra system and the energy fields. I like to think of it as having everything about your energy in balance. A mind, body, spirit approach.

Energy is everything and everything is energy. Through my own personal experiences, I have learned, often times the hard way, that if I am energetically out of balance everything in my life is as well. It’s one of the main reasons I am so passionate about my work and helping others.

We live in a society where we seek external validation or external cause as to what is occurring in our lives. We point our finger to this person or that situation as to the reason why we feel the way we do. How many times do we stop and realize that when we have one finger pointing out we have three pointing back to us?

Looking inside isn’t always easy, it takes real courage. However, when we have the courage to look within and take responsibility for our part in the situation it creates a pathway out of victimhood into freedom.

Yes, bad things happen to really good people. However a large percentage of our lives are self-created. Self-created by our thoughts, our actions, our choices. I work with people every single day, some of which have been through some pretty traumatic experiences. Most of them come to realize by doing their inner work and bringing themselves back into energetic alignment that they can choose not to be a victim of circumstance. That they can choose a new state of being.

That one powerful realization allows them to shift their perception and energy. It empowers them knowing that they really do have a choice in their outcome.  We live in an ever changing world. At times, it seems change is our only constant. However, by  continuing to work on ourselves, doing our part, and taking ownership, we become more aligned within ourselves. Then, something magical happens. Our external reality shifts right before our very eyes.


Carolyn A. Jones is one of the founders of The Holistic Institute of Wellness, Reiki Master Teacher and Energy Architect™ .  She can be reached at 865-712-9754 or office@holisticinstituteofwellness.com.