Building a Positive Relationship with the Earth with the Help of Stones 

How many of us live our lives in unawareness of the gifts of Gaia, or the understanding that she is a Living Organism? I know until I began my journey with stones and crystals, I took the earth absolutely for granted. Coming from an area of steel production and coal mining I guess I knew what humans did with some of the things people dug up, but I was truly uninformed. Honestly, mostly uncaring too. I lived in a huge city and despite great parks and fabulous countryside nearby, really never gave Gaia a thought. Didn’t even know her name.

I’m so glad all that has changed. I’ve always been fascinated with the stars, it’s only recently I started connecting & grounding with & to Gaia. I use the visualization of that connection and the feeling of being grounded everyday as the opening to my meditation.

If connecting with the earth and grounding speaks to you, here are some great stones that might help:

Picture Jasper – known as The Earth Mother speaking to her children. What do you see in these stones?
Brown Jasper – (includes Picture) Connected to the earth, brings stability & balance.
Apache Tears – (Black Obsidian but gentler) Grounds and cleanses your Earth Star Chakra. *
Aragonite – (many colors) Stabilizes root & earth chakras, deepening our connection to Gaia.
Hawks Eye – (Blue Tiger Eye) Excellent for healing earth energies and for grounding.
Larimar – provides earth healing. Connects us to the earth goddess. Restores our connection to nature.
Malachite – Heals earths energies. Provide a strong affinity & connection to devic forces.
Obsidian – Strongly protective, provides great grounding cord from your root to Earth Heart Chakra. **
Vanadinite – Strong connector to earth chakra. Grounding the soul into the physical body.


* Earth Star Chakra – is part of our etheric body. Located about 12-18 inches below the feet. Holds our soul in incarnation linking our physical body to earth
* * Use/wear Obsidian with caution – it has a propensity for exploding truth into the open!

With love & blessings.      J

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