We welcome the arrival of spring with open arms. This past weekend, we shifted into daylight savings time, adding another hour of light to our days.

Spring brings such a beautiful energy: buds popping out on the trees, shoots pushing through the ground, a newness that fills the air. Spring can often bring a thawing out to us as well. We begin to come out of a natural state of hibernation, and so does our energy.

Spring brings excitement of what’s to come. It’s a time when many of us begin to think of “spring cleaning.” Although we typically think of spring cleaning as clearing out the clutter in our home, it can also be a time when we clean out the energies of our bodies and minds.

Perhaps we start eating lighter or take the time to go through a detox, literally rebooting our metabolism for the year ahead. Maybe we decide to establish a new exercise regime, walk more, work in our gardens, etc. Whatever it is, it’s important to begin to move again, to spring forward.

The word detox can be frightening or daunting depending on how it’s interpreted, but there are simple things that you can do.

You can incorporate lighter foods into your diet or add an antioxidant or detox tea into your daily regime. Teas provide so many health benefits to the body.

I recently discovered Sterling Teas out of Texas. They carry a wide variety of loose leaf teas that are cleansing to the body and soothing to the palate. A couple of my favorites are organic rooibos tea and the wellness tea, Soother. Mighty Leaf also carries a wonderful organic detox tea.

Detoxing is so important on so many levels. It’s amazing how much clearer the mind becomes when we rid our bodies of unnecessary toxins. We feel better, we sleep better and we have more energy. Who doesn’t want that?

Our physical bodies are so important; after all they’re our vehicle on this planet, allowing us to move and get around, and yet at times we neglect them.

It’s important that we begin to detox our minds through this process as well. Perhaps we’ve become couch potatoes and spent more time in front of our televisions or computers.

Spring is a wonderful time to open the windows and put on some music, allowing our thoughts to ebb and flow, giving us a new sense of purpose. It’s a great time to ask yourself what you want to accomplish the rest of the year ahead. It’s also a wonderful time to grab a book, opening the mind to new discovery.

Rather than being daunted by the word, detox, be curious about ways to bring yourself into a higher state of energy, a higher state of being. See this as an opportunity to be curious about how you can enhance your life and your overall well-being.


How can spring help you become a higher version of yourself?